Winter in Oklahoma…

As you all must know, I enjoyed two days of snowy weather, back in Maine, a few weeks ago. That was an absolute blast and a nostalgic moment, as I reminisced about the snow days we used to get when I was living in Maine.

Last year, I think Oklahoma saw about two snowfalls, all of which, where light dusts (in comparison to New England). I always giggle when it snows here because people go into a panic and don’t know what to do. The roads don’t get salted until after the snow and ice is gone, and people just hibernate until everything has melted. I guess that’s understandable when you come from a state that rarely gets any snow. More than likely, Oklahoma gets more ice than it does snow, so even I can agree, that ice is a tricky thing to be driving in.

Medicine Creek.

I was stunned by the warm(er) weather yesterday. Despite the snow, it was only 46 degrees. I know, “only.” That’s the Mainer in me, ha. I made an impromptu visit to the lake, yesterday. It was a beautiful winter wonderland, outside and I thought it would be nice to drive to the lake and close to the mountain, to enjoy the wintery morning.

We (my dog and I) stop over at Medicine Creek, first. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, this place was once covered in beautiful foliage, back in October/November. This is what it looks like, smothered in snow.

Birds rest by the creek.


Soon after, we drove over to the lake, which is about 5 minutes from Mount Scott. I wanted to drive up the mountain,  but it was closed off… I’m guessing due to the inclement weather. However, the view from the lake, was lovely. The mountain was covered in white and the sun reflected beautifully off the mountain top.


I always find the first few snowfalls to be the prettiest. Last year, I never made it over to the lake, after it had snowed. I was stunned by how beautiful the lake was, encompassed by snow. The sky was baby blue with a few scattered clouds, giving the water a turquoise-y color.

I drove further down, past the lake to get closer to the mountains… Or hills, if you will.


Teddy loves the snow.