Pumpkin Madness at Jahn’s Pumpkin Hill

I feel so left behind, living in Oklahoma. It’s almost November and we’re just beginning to experience the fall weather and all its glory.

Being from Maine (born and raised), some of my best childhood memories in the fall, were spent at apple orchards and pumpkin patches. New England has one of the best fall seasons. The air is crisp, the breeze is cool, the scent of fallen leaves resonates throughout the air, and there’s an endless amount of foliage, and like any typical kid from NE, jumping into a pile of leaves is fall’s signature activity.


Even as an adult, I miss those things. Living in Oklahoma has given me so much perspective of home. Fall just isn’t the same here. Last year, I was desperate to find an apple orchard or pumpkin patch, but being new to the state, I didn’t know of any. The only way I’ve been able to bring the NE fall feeling to me, this year, is by lighting numerous amounts of fall scented candles around my house. It definitely has set a warm, cozy and toasty ambiance in my home.

Upon conducting “extensive” research, I was able to find a pumpkin patch not too far from my town, here in Oklahoma. My friend had also mentioned it to me and suggested I go along with her and her children. Not going to lie, going with children is so much more fun than going without. It’s just so much more fulfilling to see their faces light up when they feed the animals, or wander through the pumpkin patches and corn mazes! They’re so besotted by everything around them. It brings me back to my childhood!

On a mission to find the perfect pumpkin.
On a mission to find the perfect pumpkin.

We went to a pumpkin patch located about 30 minutes from my town. The place is called, Jahn’s Pumpkin Patch, nestled in the small town of Cyril. It might be smaller, compared to other patches, but I thought it was amazing. Of course, it was in the middle of absolutely no where, surrounded by acres and acres of flatland and barrels of hay. It’s actually really beautiful because amongst all, there were miles of pumpkins throughout the fields. It’s a family owned farm, which makes the experience so much sweeter. They start off by taking guests for a tour around the farm on a tractor, and then the guests are free to explore the pumpkin patch, feed the animals, and take pictures at every photo op they can possibly find!


Finally got that
Finally got that “basic white girl” photo of myself holding a pumpkin!

I’m also going to be perfectly honest and justify my reason for jealousy, by saying that since I’m from New England, I was getting very jealous of the overload of photos of people and their freaking pumpkins! As I was flipping through my Instagram feed one day, every. single. picture. was of someone (ALL females, to be exact) posing with a pumpkin. So of course, I wanted to hop on the “pumpkin photo wagon” and get one myself! And now, I can finally sleep at night, knowing that I got my perfect pumpkin photo op. (Just to be clear, I really do have bigger problems in life, ha)!