My “struggle” as a travel blogger

I just got back to Oklahoma, from a 45 day visit in my home state of Maine. Since being back, I’ve been sitting here at my dining room table, every afternoon, trying to find SOMETHING to blog about. Now that my travels have dwindled down, for a bit, I’m at a loss of what to blog about. Since I try to keep my blog posts, strictly about travel, I’m often limited, since I’m not constantly travelling. I think one of the hardest things about maintaining a travel blog, is living somewhere, where there isn’t a whole lot to offer. Although I try not to let where I live, get in the way of being creative in other ways, I still find it difficult to maintain my travel blog.


I wish I could be one of those people who are constantly traveling and on the go. I’m not very good at sitting still, so having to take a break every once in while, can be a struggle for me. However it may be, this down time allots me the opportunity to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, that don’t necessarily involve travel. Since I’m not working right now, travel is not quite in my budget. My trips to Washington and Maine, were both gifts from my fiance, in which, I’m extremely grateful for. When I am working, I fund my own travels. But it goes like this: work, save money, travel, repeat.

I do give myself props for being able to maintain this travel blog, while living in a not so exciting place. I am very thankful, though, that living here in Oklahoma, has pushed me to look beyond what most people find fascinating in travel blogs. I notice things like sunsets, flowers, the birds in the sky, and other little things that I used to overlook.


If you’re in the same situation I am, my advise to you, is to take time to look around, and find pleasures in the little things. When you’re not traveling, go chase the sunset, or take a ride to the lake or ocean, and enjoy the moment there. If I didn’t know how to enjoy any of those simple things in life, I wouldn’t appreciate the bigger things as much as I do now!