Midtown discoveries


The end is coming close. Only a few months before we move, which means I’m scurrying to find new things and places, here in Oklahoma City, that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t necessarily have a bucket list, I’m just finding things as I go. A few days ago, a friend of mine posted a picture of this beautiful wall writing, in Oklahoma City. I asked her where the picture was taken, and she said it was the wall of a restaurant called, “Waffle Champion,” located in Midtown, Oklahoma City. Enamored by the writing, I knew that I wanted to go check it out. It just so happened I had to head up that way for a day, anyways. I turned the gray and gloomy day, into a well spent, Thursday.

The heart of the city.
Morning coffee in bed.

Some of my favorite places to see in the city, are usually in Bricktown, which has the river walk, an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Then from there, you can walk around and venture off into the heart of the city. So when my friend mentioned, Midtown, I was all for exploring it! First stop: Waffle Champion .



This egg and bacon, wrapped in a giant waffle, drizzled with syrup, was EVERYTHING. I honestly, had never heard of such a concoction. It’s like when I first heard about chicken and waffles. Apparently it’s a southern thing… this Mainer wouldn’t know. Let me tell you though, this place was, indeed, champion of all breakfasts!

After feeling satisfyingly full, I stepped out of the restaurant to find a whole strip of more cafes, restaurants and boutiques. My GPS brought me straight to the Waffle Champion, but I had no idea, it was located along the tiny strip. I continued to walk and sight see. Having already eaten, I walked into a few boutiques. This one, Mode , was by far my favorite. From the interior design to the gorgeous clothing, my husband is lucky that I am a frugal spender, when it comes to certain things. I could have bought that entire store. I found a skirt that I lusted after, the entire time I was in the store. I may have to go back and make that purchase, but first… student loans (whomp whomp).








Lately, I’ve had a love for flowy, feminine tops. this white, pleplum blouse, is my currently my favorite. It’s light flowy, and so comfy. You can dress it up or down in any way you desire.

Outfit details:

Peplum Blouse