Hot Child in the City!

Ok, so before you think that I’m conceited, based on my blog post title, it’s actually the name to an 80s song by  Nick Gilder. Every time I’m in a city, that song pops in my head:

“Hot child in the city,
Hot child in the city,
Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty,
Hot child in the city”

Ok, moving on now. I know I’ve been overloading my blog with posts, but I’m trying to squeeze in as much as I can before my friend arrives for a week and I may not be allotted the time to write.

So I just wanted to share with you, quickly, my adventure through Seattle. The fast growing city is home to many infamous places such as, Pikes Place Market, Alki Beach, Kerry Park, the Space Needle, and so much more! The city is also a mecca for culture and alluring restaurants and shops. Not only does Seattle hold one of the largest ports for trade in the U.S; it offers an array of entertainment and things to do!


I was absolutely enthralled by the beauty of the city. The people are all so diverse, making the city even more captivating with beauty.

The city literally has everything you can think of: view of Mount Rainier, waterfront, park, beach, city itself, restaurants, shops, farmer’s market, and trees. It’s amazing how much one city holds! I’ve been to A LOT of cities: Paris, NYC, Mexico City, Dallas, Boston… but Seattle definitely has its own charm and it’s unlike any other!

My friend brought me over to Alki beach after the market, which overlooked a majority of the city. I was stunned by what I had been so blessed to see!


Later, we made our way towards the Space Needle. We were going to go up, but it was closed off due to a “run for a special cause” thing. But it was still amazing to see it, even from below.


It was so wonderful to be graced with such beautiful weather. The air was clean, the crisp fall breeze blew through my hair, and the sound of leaves rustling across the sidewalk and crunching beneath my feet, was in existence. It was a beautiful day to be alive and exploring!

One of my most favorite things about Seattle were the diverse groups of people. In every city, especially, that you go to, you will find that everyone has a different style, background, features, and language. All of these are mostly prevalent in cities and that is what I love most about exploring them. I love to people watch (and hate it when people say that it’s creepy), because I’m very much besotted by peoples’ styles and languages, that is all.

Seattle at night.
Capturing Seattle’s gorgeous night life at Kerry Park.