Charleston, SC. (Part 2)

Travel and Style 

Location: Charleston, South Carolina 

Sunday morning, we were starving and in search for the perfect brunch spot. I am a huge fan of Sunday brunch, but never got to do it much when I lived in Oklahoma because there were no places to do it in the city we lived in. So any opportunity I get to indulge in a Sunday brunch, I take it. We got a few suggestions from Uber drivers we had, and finally landed on one.  Magnolias, located downtown on E. Bay Street, serves your traditional southern cooking and sets the stage for a cozy, classy, and sophisticated environment. Suffice it to say, we found the food and service to be impeccable… I highly recommend that place! As we sat at our table, we watched people coming in from Easter mass, wearing their brightest spring colors.




Prior to brunch, we awoke to the gorgeous marina view and lovely, warm spring breeze. We walked along the water as we waited for our Uber ride to take us into town. We had our driver drop us off at White Point Garden, which is located right on the water and has some of the most gorgeous and colorful million dollar (I’m sure of it) houses I’ve ever seen. We made our way towards the promenade that meandered around the Ashley River. White Point Garden is the perfect spot for its beautiful views of Fort Sumter and the Charleston Harbor and offers a lot of grass space for picnics and relaxation.













We did a little walking around and found ourselves back at Rainbow Row, but on a side that we hadn’t seen the day before. So we walked past there and made our way to brunch and passed a few other historic buildings we hadn’t seen, prior.






Outside the Old Exchange Provost Dungeon. We didn’t take a tour, but it sounded like a really interesting place to see. (Maybe another time)!

Afterward, we were ready to explore something different since we had already walked around a majority of the historic district. We requested an Uber and asked our driver to take us out to Folly Beach. We had no anticipation that it would be as beautiful as we imagined. I mean, you can’t go to the Carolinas and not visit the beach. So naturally, we went! Folly Beach is a city located on Folly Island about 20 minutes south of Charleston. With traffic, it can take about 30 minutes to an hour to get there, which is easily imaginable since it’s so gorgeous! However, we lucked out and it only took us 25 minutes to get there and turned out to be so worth it! Our driver dropped us off on Center Street, which is the main strip leading up to Folly Beach. Along the strip, you’ll find an array of restaurants and little shops. If you head south, you’ll see the pier and right ahead is the beach. We stopped into a few shops, where in one, I bought a dress and quickly changed into it. I had only packed pants and light tops and didn’t understand why I hadn’t packed any dresses. We headed towards the pier (also known as the fishing pier) and walked all the way down. Let me say again, another gorgeous day to be out in South Carolina, and of course, the beach!








Once we reached the end of the pier, we realized how unprepared we were for a trip to the beach. Like I said, we had no anticipation of it being so gorgeous and wanting to stay as long we did. So, we headed back to the shops to buy some beach towels. Additionally, I ended up buying a bikini top and a pair of beach shorts, ha! I have to say, that was the least prepared I’ve ever been to go to the beach. After our impulsive and unexpected purchases, we bought some iced coffees at Dolce Banana Cafe and headed back to the beach and planted ourselves in a cozy, warm spot. But let me tell you, the beach was PACKED with a sea of tourists and locals (probably mostly tourists). Still, it was so relaxing to just lay on the warm sand and listen to the calming and soothing sounds of the restless ocean.






After an hour and a half of laying out and basking in the warm, spring, South Carolina sun, we were famished and getting thirsty. We walked back to Center Street where we found an indoor/outdoor restaurant that overlooked the rest of the street. Rita’s Seaside Grille is the perfect stop for burgers, seafood, and all American food. This casual setting offers the relaxation of radio and live music. Their grapefruit mojitos were amazing! We stayed here for about another hour and a half before it was time to head back to our hotel and make the drive back to Georgia.


Outfit details:

Top / Jeans / Sandals

2 thoughts on “Charleston, SC. (Part 2)

  1. So gorgeous!! The colors and history! I’ve heard how great Charleston is and all it has to offer! Looks like you had a great time!


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