Life Lately…

To say that I’ve been super busy lately, would be an overstatement. Although, I have been outbound, quite a bit, and visiting with friends, and it’s been so wonderful. I have little access to a computer since my husband currently needs it 24/7 for his work, so my travel posts and photos have been a little scarce. So, here’s a quick look into what I’ve been up to, lately!

Columbus/Fort Benning, Georgia

My friend’s husband has been working in GA for a few months until they make their move to another location. She and her daughter flew down to visit us for a few days and to surprise her husband. I took the mini road trip with her to surprise her husband, and it was all so sweet! The night before, we went out to dinner with another friend who is temporarily living in GA, too. The three of us use to live in the same neighborhood, in OK! It was a nice little reunion. My husband met us in Columbus a day later and he and I were able to do a little exploring.

Columbus, Georgia
Fort Benning, Georgia
National Infantry Museum
National Infantry Museum
National Infantry Museum



Augusta, Georgia 

Downtown Augusta, GA
Spring blooms begin to make an appearance.
Augusta, GA
Sunday outings
Wine and snuggles
Wine and puppy kisses
Weekend at the lake.
Downtown Augusta, GA
Augusta, GA


Washington state

Oh! My husband and I found out a month ago that his work is sending us to live in WA state! We found this out after I had already bought a plane ticket to visit some friends out there. And we are just so so excited to be moving out there… we’ve had our hearts set out on that state, for quite some time! I went out to visit some great friends of our a few weeks ago, and it was so so nice! You know they say that the fewer pictures you take when you’re out with friends and traveling, only means that you’ve been having too much of a great time and really living in the moment! Therefore, I didn’t take too many of my trip, but here are a few that were worth taking!

Tacoma, WA
Wine. Cheese and crackers. Chocolate cake. Enough said.
Happy hour
Photo fun
It rained every day in WA, but I loved it!
View over Montana? Maybe Idaho?
Chicago, Illinois
Lake Michigan



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