GA Bucket list…

Well, it’s safe to say that my husband and I accomplished A LOT, this morning! We cleaned, organized, packed, and set aside all the items that we’ll be taking with us and the items that we will need the movers to take. The feeling is all bittersweet, but I’m ecstatic to finally be moving onto a new adventure!

Before we moved to Oklahoma, we lived in GA, only for about 4 months (2 for me). We were a little pressed for time and it didn’t help that my husband’s job consumed a lot of his time. Therefore, we didn’t do as much exploring as I would have liked to do. But this time, I’m going over there prepared with a list of a few places I’d like to visit/re-visit:

Savannah, GA:

We were lucky enough to see Savannah, which is one of my all time favorite cities. It’s quiet, scenic, and filled with the most charming antebellum architecture. I had been there once before, when I was a kid. Not much had changed, or at least not that I had noticed. We visited the city in one day, so we were very rushed. I’m not one for being rushed when I travel. So this time, I hope to make a weekend out of it. I also told my husband that we HAVE to go on some of the haunted tours. Savannah is famous for its haunted tours of abandoned houses, cementaries, and other places around the city!



Myrtle Beach, SC:

When we were in GA a few years ago, a lot of my husband’s buddies had gone over there a few times and just raved about it. I guess I choose to see this beach because it will be one of the closest ones to us. Of course, we may not make it out there until closer to spring time when it starts getting warmer.

Charleston, SC:

Ok, I should have put this first, because it is my number one, must-see places, while I’m in GA! While in GA, many of my friends/co-workers, had insisted that I visited Charleston. Unfortunately, we never made it over there. I also follow this blogger who just moved to the Charleston area, and I’ve been swooning over all the pictures she’s taken. I’m just absolutely infatuated by all the cobblestone streets and pastel houses. My friend was there a few days ago, and sent me some of the most beautiful photos of the water and city.

Photo by: Kristen M.
Photo by: Kristen M.
Photo by: Kristen M.

Atlanta, GA:

I’ve only ever flown into Atlanta, a few times. I’ve heard the city is great for its museums, entertainment, food, and so much more! I guess I’ll have to make a separate bucket list for visiting this city!

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