Home sweet home…


Location: Oklahoma

One of my favorite things about traveling and moving around, is getting to meet new people and make new friends. But then the hardest part becomes leaving them and having to start all over again. 

Between holiday prepping, cleaning, organizing, and packing for our move, things around here are starting to get chaotic. Despite all that, we’re still pretty excited about a new adventure. It’ll be a quick one before our next one, but for me, that’s the great part about mine and my husband’s life. I know many of my friends are content with having already settled down in one place, which is great. I still don’t even know where I want to settle down and the though of having to for a long period of time, makes me cringe. So I guess I’m lucky that I don’t HAVE to right away.



I keep telling my husband, “I cannot wait to move, but if we could take our house where ever we go, that would be amazing.” I moved in our house a year ago, while my husband was away. We barely had any furniture to fill up the place because it was much bigger than our previous home. It didn’t feel as cozy and I was trying not to buy anything extra so that we could save up for our wedding. With time, however, I added a few pieces to our home and did as much as I could to make it cozy. And now, I love this home and am sad to leave it. I love the rooms, I love how I started out with so little and then was able to add more to it. Sometimes I look at the before and after pictures of our living room, and it’s really neat to see the difference. Creating a home for yourself and or your family is something so personal, I feel.




I’ll never forget that time I found a cockroach, about the size of a baby mouse, in one of the rooms, and I called my husband crying because I felt so uncomfortable in this house. Of course, this was before I had decorated anything or added a cozy touch, and before I knew how to work the heat. It was freezing in our house that day, so you can imagine how uncomfortable I felt, between that and finding what might as well have been a rat. Ahh, the good ol’ times.

One of the great things about our move, is that we have packers coming to literally pack everything for us, in which case, I haven’t had to take anything down, myself, and we get to keep our decor up, until the packers/movers get here. So all in all, this will be probably the most stress- free moves I’ve ever done!








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Cable knit pullover

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