Jahn’s Pumpkin Hill…

Travel and Style

Location: Cyril, Oklahoma

When I moved to Oklahoma, three years ago, I never thought that there would be pumpkin patches all the way out west. I guess I always associated them with being a New England/anywhere north and cold, kind of thing, especially because the summer weather tends to linger a little bit longer, here. So when my friend invited me along with her and her kids, last fall, I was all for it. Now that my husband is around this year, I was able to take him and join some friends, as well.


Jahn’s Pumpkin Hill is a family owned pumpkin patch. I just love family owned businesses. They bring in a warm and cozy charm. It is located in a small town called, Cyril, about an hour southwest from Oklahoma City (only 20 minutes from where we live). It’s a quaint little pumpkin patch, covered in a bright sea of orange pumpkins. This place is especially fun for kids, as they offer farm education about ranching, animals, and more. They have a little petting zoo where kids can get up close to feed the animals, and of course, you can go out into the pumpkin patch and pick out your very own pumpkin! There’s a fun maze made of barrels of hay and they offer a tractor ride around the pumpkin patch, along with an educational tour and history of the farm.





There’s no denying that the photo opps are a lot of fun, too! We stayed for an ample amount of time, exploring, taking pictures, and trying out the maze, ourselves (with a two year old leading the way). This is the only pumpkin patch I’ve explored, here in Oklahoma, but if you’re in the state and close by, I definitely recommend stopping here!









Outfit details:

Sweater / Scarf / Hunter boots

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