Fall in Oklahoma…


Location: Oklahoma

I’ve lived in Oklahoma for 3 years and have been around for all those fall seasons. While many of our friends and family from the north east are showing off their foliage photos, we’re most likely still hanging out in our bathing suits.


Aside from the three or four chilly days, we don’t really start experiencing all the fall feels, until November (if that). And as far as foliage goes, there’s not too much of it. If you’ve ever been to the north east during the fall season, you know just how stunning it is with the array of colors. Sometimes I feel that all I do is complain about how much I miss New England during this season. Rather than appreciate Oklahoma for what it is, I just sit around wishing for PSLs (pumpkin spiced lattes) in crisp, cold weather, bundled up in a cozy knit sweater and scarf.

Oklahoma does have some pretty fall features. The state has its own western charm of the fall season. Although the leaves don’t really change color, some turn to a bright yellow and most to brown. The leaves do fall and they’re everywhere. The evenings are my favorite, when the sun shines down through the trees, illuminating the area with a golden shine.




My husband and I were supposed to go camping a few weekends ago. We didn’t quite make the over night stay, but we met up with our friends on Saturday and spent the whole day relaxing by the lake, talking, and kicking back with a few cold beers. It was 80 degrees that day. Thinking that we’d spend a whole weekend camping, I packed all our cozy, warm clothes. Even though the days would be hot, the nights always get chilly, so I was well prepared for any type of weather. I went out and bought a vest, threw on one of my favorite vests, and put on my rain boots. Disappointing enough, I would not need such attire for such  a hot day.



My hunter boots were a gift from my father-in-law. I mentioned once how much I wanted a pair for the fall and winter, and he insisted on buying them for me as an early birthday present. I absolutely love them! They’re perfect for rain or shine, fall, and winter. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them; they’re quite popular. I’ve also gone fishing a few times with my husband, and we go to locations where we have to hike through tall grass and woodsy areas. In a state where spiders and snakes are commonly seen, these boots are great for protecting my feet and legs, since they’re made tall.







The sunsets are the best part of the days, especially in the fall, when the air is crisp and there’s a light breeze. Sitting out by the lake, watching the sun disappear behind the mountains, is really stunning!

Outfit details:

Hunter boots / Sweater / Vest Similar






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