A weekend at home…

It’s rare that I am able to sit at home and just relax without wanting to do anything. I usually have to have something planned… Even if it’s just running errands at the local Target, ha. Since we have our trip to Arizona, coming up, it’s been easier to just enjoy the relaxation at home, knowing that in a few weeks, we’ll be onto the next adventure! Not to mention, the next few months will be jam packed with moving and traveling, across the country! Don’t we all just enjoy quiet weekends at home? Those lazy mornings when you can sit on the couch for as long as possible, savoring your coffee and taking your time to get ready for the day… Or perhaps, not even getting ready for the day and just staying in your pjs.


Ok, well, maybe this weekend wasn’t super lazy. Saturday, we had friends over and it was a blast! My husband found a new love for brewing his own beer and he invited his buddies over to help him bottle it up. We still have to wait another week until we can drink it.


Saturday night, was girls night. My neighbor down the street, invited me and a few friends to have a fire pit and make s’mores. We failed to do this during the summer (although, technically it is still summer), but we still have time for more fire pit nights since it stays hot out until end of October! When I was in Maine, some friends and I had done a fire pit with s’mores, and it was the first time I had done that in years! I ate 4 s’mores and it was amaaaazing! I could have eaten more!

Fall ready! 


Sunday, I could just show you photos to sum up our day. I left the house once just to get ingredients for a home made soup (I thought it would be a fitting meal for the day). We spent the majority of the day watching Netflix and cozying up on the couch. I’d say it was a Sunday, well spent!


Fresh blooms.
My two loves.
Morning coziness and coffee.

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