A day at the beach…

I forgot how conjested the beaches can get during the summer in Maine. Beaches are flooded by tourists and traffic and parking are insane! However, it is always worth the struggle of finagling your car between two poorly parked cars, just to get a little bit of ocean water and sand between your toes.


It’s been a crazy busy few weeks and I’m saddened to say that I’ve only made two beach trips since I’ve been home. Ok, maybe that’s not bad, but I want a full day at the beach where I can lay out for hours soak in that ocean smell, get my hair tangled in the waves, and let the sun kiss me golden.

I brought my nephew to the beach, you know, some quality aunt and nephew bonding time. We drove down to Wells Beach, Maine. Growing up, I spent many summer days at that beach. It’s about 15 minutes from my home town, which I always took for granted and I’m just realizing now, how lucky I was to have lived so close to the beach. Now that I’m living in Oklahoma (sans beaches) you can imagine just how appreciative I am to be so close to the one, while I’m visiting!

I brought my nephew to an arcade that is located right around the corner from Wells beach (within walking distance) called, Boardwalk  Arcade. Ten dollars later, he walked out proudly with 338 tickets, a dinosaur egg, and a fossil digging kit… High five! It really is a cool place to bring kids, spend all your money (joking ha- ha), and watch their little faces light up when winning 20 whole tickets at a time. I’m not big on arcades. I was getting antsy to hit the beach, but kids come first, right?

Ice cream on the beach… Doesn’t get much better than this! 


The arcade games were followed by ice cream for lunch. I insisted we get chicken fingers, but no. Right around the corner between the arcade and the beach, is a place called, Forbes Seafood Restaurant and Take-out. You can eat inside or order from the window. They also serve Maine’s famous, Shain’s ice cream.

Wells Beach, Maine 
All the people.


What I love the most about Wells Beach, is that there aren’t too many rocks. The beach is spacious enough for people to lay out and set up camp for the day without having to work around so many rocks.

Holding up a fish he got at the arcade. 
Beach day.
Hunting for crabs and snails.
Toes in the water.
Life is good today. 

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