Sunday in Oklahoma…

The past few days have been the most amazing days that I have had in a year! My hubby came home after a year overseas and I am just over the moon, thrilled, to have him home. My days feel a lot brighter and I’m happier than ever. Ok, but enough of the sap… Let me tell you a little bit about our fun filled Saturday. I mean, no, we didn’t climb Everest, or go the Great Wall of China… We ventured out around Oklahoma. Yeeeehaw!


So, before my husband left (we’re not married yet, it’s just easier to say husband), we had moved to a new location in the same town of Oklahoma. He had only lived in the new house for two days before he left. Although he’s familiar with the area and neighborhood, it has been a year, so a few things were foggy in his memory. Anyways, during the time he was gone, I had explored a part of our neighborhood, that I always visit because it’s the perfect place to walk Teddy (our dog) and let him run around in the open field. In the fall, it’s especially pretty when all the colorful leaves fall to your feet as you walk between the line of trees.


Rewind. Teddy and I spent Sunday morning, lounging in bed as I sipped and savored my coffee. Soon after, my husband and I made the 11am mass and went out for a lunch date, after. We went out for some delicious Mexican food at a place called, Ted’s Cafe Escondido. This place is usually the go-to for my nights out with the girls… You can’t go wrong with free chips, salsa, queso dip, and lots of margaritas!


After a filling and delicious lunch, we headed home to pick up Teddy and bring him out for a walk around the neighborhood. 100 degrees out, we didn’t last long and  Teddy was struggling, but loving life.




After a hot and sweaty walk around the neighborhood, we cooled off at home before heading to dinner at our friends’ house (who are out neighbors). A Sunday well spent, enjoying martinis, wine, chicken parm, bruschetta, cheesecake  and lots of laughs… Oh and play time with their two year old… I got to be Elsa and Pinkie Pie Pony!



I thought for this post, it would be fun and different to share with you the links to my outfit details. I have hesitated blogging about my style, only because I wanted to keep my blogging specifically about travel. If you follow me on Instagram, I also share a few details as to where I get my clothes and accessories. You’ll find that most of my style comes from TJmaxx and Target. I rarely buy clothes at full price and if I do, it’s because I REALLY love the piece. So below, I have pasted links to my dress, sandals, and accessories!


Dress / Hat / Purse, Similar / Sandals, Similar / Bracelet, Similar / Earrings, Similar

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