2016 Bucketlist!

A new year means new places and new experiences! This will be my last year of Oklahoma living (if all goes well), which means I only have 12 months to do the things I have planned for the new year. Let me explain why: Traveling from Oklahoma, is so much cheaper (in my opinion) when exploring the western and mid-northern states. I can either fly out of Dallas, which knocks off a couple hundred dollars, or I can fly out of Oklahoma City or Lawton, if there’s a good deal. Some of the places I want to visit this year, just seem more feasible to do, whilst living in Oklahoma!


Last year, my bucket list consisted of visiting Germany, Arizona, Colorado, and the four corners monument. I did make it to Colorado and Arizona and of course, a few other states, including Washington, but not Germany and the four corners. I still plan on going to Germany, but I don’t foresee going this year, unfortunately.

Well, cheers to a new year and the adventures to come!
1. Horseback riding in Montana. I keep telling my fiancé that this is something I’ve dreamt of doing! I’d like to make it a reality. I haven’t done it, partially for the reason that I haven’t known anyone who lives in Montana that I could stay with. I’ve been lucky enough that most places I’ve traveled to, I have friends or family to stay with and show me around. If I can fray from the cost of paying for hotels, the better. Not too long ago, I found out that one of my closest friends, now lives in Montana, close to a ranch! Hello!!!! Opportunity right there! I can’t pass this up!

2. San Fransisco. Lately, I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of great things about San Fransisco, through blogs and photos. I’ve always wanted to go to California, but could never decide where, exactly, because there’s just SO much to do! As a person who is obsessed with visiting national parks, I’d really like to see the redwood forests… Which is about 5 hours away from San Fran, but I figure I could just rent a car. Imagine the sites on the way there! I don’t know anyone who lives in California, so I’ll be doing this on my own or with my fiancé or a friend.

3. Peru? Iceland? I’m putting both of these together with question marks because I know for sure, I’ll be going to one of those places for my honeymoon, but I haven’t decided yet. I would LOVE to hike Macchu Piccu, with my love for mountains, this would be such a breathtaking experience! Iceland? Because I would LOVE to see the northern lights !! I mean, how cool would that be? One of life’s phenomenons, right in front of my eyes!

4. Skydiving. I don’t really have anywhere in particular that I’d like to take the dive, I just know this would be something really cool to do!

5. Four Corners Monument. Ok, so I didn’t make it there this past year like I had planned, but I’m confident I could go there next year. I mean, it’s only a drive away… Like 11 hours. Ok, when you live in Oklahoma, 11 hours is nothing! It takes 4-5 hours just to leave certain parts of the state and then several more hours to get to another destination.

What’s on your bucketlist for 2016?